Compound information: 2,5-Dimethylphenol · 5'-Methoxycurcumin · Perillic acid · L-Nicotianine · 4-ethyl-5-methyl-2-propylthiazole ·
Calories database: Jackfruit, canned, syrup pack calories · Beef, chuck, clod roast, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 1/4" fat, all grades, cooked, roasted calories · Sauce, LA VICTORIA, LA VICTORIA Chunky Chili Dip, salsa, canned calories · Corn, sweet, white, frozen, kernels on cob, unprepared calories ·
Metabolites: DG(14:1(9Z)/22:1(13Z)/0:0) · CL(13:0/14:0/15:0/21:0) ·