Compound information: 6-Hydroxyluteolin · (R)-Annocherine A · (S)-2-Hydroxy-2-phenylacetonitrile O-b-D-allopyranoside · Theasaponin E2 · 2-Propanoylthiophene ·
Calories database: PREGO Pasta, Chunky Garden Mushroom and Green Pepper Italian Sauce, ready-to-serve calories · Beef, Australian, grass-fed, loin, top sirloin cap-off steak/roast, boneless, separable lean only, raw calories · BEAR NAKED, Fruit & Nut Cookies calories · Beef, New Zealand, imported, brisket point end, separable lean and fat, raw calories ·
Metabolites: 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-N,4-bis(sulfooxy)pentanimidothioic acid · TG(16:0/22:0/i-21:0) ·