Compound information: 2-amino-3,7-dideoxy-D-threo-hept-6-ulosonate · Apo-15-zeaxanthinal · trans-Grandmarin isovalerate · (2Z,8S,9Z)-2,9-Heptadecadiene-8-hydroxy-4,6-diyne-1-yl acetate · Lacto-N-neotetraose ·
Calories database: Turkey, young tom, dark meat, meat and skin, raw calories · Vegetables, mixed, frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt calories · Beverages, Kiwi Strawberry Juice Drink calories · Beef, rib, whole (ribs 6-12), separable lean only, trimmed to 1/4" fat, choice, raw calories ·
Metabolites: (1S,2S,10R,11S,14R,15S)-14-ethyl-12,14-dihydroxy-2,15-dimethyltetracyclo[²,⁷.0¹¹,¹⁵]heptadecane-3,5-dione · CL(16:0/i-20:0/22:0/i-24:0) ·