Compound information: 1-Hexacosanal · (5Z)-(15S)-11alpha-Hydroxy-9,15-dioxoprostanoate · Plantagonine · 3'-(2'',3'',4'',6''-Tetrakisgalloylglucosyl)-phloroacetophenone · Homoanserine ·
Calories database: Beef, round, eye of round steak, boneless, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, choice, cooked, grilled calories · Beef, New Zealand, imported, bolar blade, separable lean only, raw calories · Beef, Australian, imported, grass-fed, seam fat, raw calories · Duck, young duckling, domesticated, White Pekin, breast, meat only, boneless, cooked without skin, broiled calories ·
Metabolites: TG(10:0/17:0/i-12:0) · 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy-4-methylcyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-one ·