Compound information: Chalinastanol · 7-heptadecene · Dihydrobiopterin · Enterocin EL1 · Dihydrofuran I ·
Calories database: Beef, round, full cut, separable lean only, trimmed to 1/4" fat, select, raw calories · Beef, chuck, under blade pot roast, boneless, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 0" fat, all grades, cooked, braised calories · Pineapple, frozen, chunks, sweetened calories · Pork, fresh, shoulder, arm picnic, separable lean only, cooked, braised calories ·
Metabolites: 6-[(E)-2-(2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-3-(3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl)benzene-1,2,4-triol · 5-Hydroxylorcaserin ·