Compound information: Limocitrin 3-rutinoside · 1,2,3-Trimethylbenzene · 8,9-Dihydro-5-hydroxy-8-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)-6-(1-oxobutyl)-4-propyl-2H-furo[2,3-h]-1-benzopyran-2-one · 2-(4-Hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethanol 4'-glucoside · Glycyl-L-leucine ·
Calories database: Potatoes, au gratin, dry mix, prepared with water, whole milk and butter calories · Beverages, grape juice drink, canned calories · Nuts, coconut milk, frozen (liquid expressed from grated meat and water) calories · Soup, cream of chicken, canned, condensed calories ·
Metabolites: CL(a-13:0/i-16:0/i-24:0/i-22:0)[rac] · TG(16:0/18:4(6Z,9Z,12Z,15Z)/20:3(5Z,8Z,11Z)) ·