Compound information: Tetracosatetraenoyl-CoA · (R)-1-Octen-3-ol · Mangostenol · 5-Dodecenoic acid · Ethyl 4Z-octenoate ·
Calories database: Fruit cocktail, (peach and pineapple and pear and grape and cherry), canned, water pack, solids and liquids calories · Restaurant, family style, hash browns calories · Sauce, KRAFT Barbecue Sauce Hickory Smoke calories · Soup, tomato rice, canned, condensed calories ·
Metabolites: 4-[(1S,2R,7R,10R,11S,15S)-5,8-dihydroxy-15-(hydroxymethyl)-2-methyltetracyclo[²,⁷.0¹¹,¹⁵]heptadecan-14-yl]pentanoic acid · TG(20:0/18:3(6Z,9Z,12Z)/20:4(5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z)) ·