Compound information: Ethyl (3R,5Z)-3-hydroxy-5-octenoate · Ammonium hydroxide · Isobiflorin · 2-Methyldecane · 1,2-dihydroxy-5-(methylthio)pent-1-en-3-one ·
Calories database: Oil, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking calories · Salad dressing, mayonnaise, imitation, milk cream calories · Infant formula, NESTLE, GOOD START SUPREME, with iron, liquid concentrate, not reconstituted calories · DOMINO'S 14" Cheese Pizza, Crunchy Thin Crust calories ·
Metabolites: CL(8:0/i-13:0/14:0/23:0) · TG(13:0/i-24:0/16:0) ·