Compound information: Marshrin · Guaicyl acetate · Amylopectin · 2-Ethyl-3,(5 or 6)-dimethylpyrazine · 4,11-Dichloro-5,12-dihydroquino[2,3-b]acridine-7,14-dione ·
Calories database: Mollusks, oyster, Pacific, raw calories · Agutuk, fish with shortening (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native) calories · Pork, cured, ham with natural juices, spiral slice, meat only, boneless, separable lean only, heated, roasted calories · Babyfood, vegetable, butternut squash and corn calories ·
Metabolites: TG(a-21:0/18:0/i-19:0)[rac] · TG(a-13:0/i-22:0/i-19:0)[rac] ·