Compound information: 3beta-3-Lupanol · Gibberellin A97 · dUMP · threo-Syringoylglycerol · Protoprimulagenin A 3-[rhamnosyl-(1->4)-rhamnosyl-(1->4)-[rhamnosyl-(1->2)]-glucosyl-(1->?)-glucuronide] ·
Calories database: Mushrooms, brown, italian, or crimini, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw calories · School Lunch, pizza, BIG DADDY'S LS 16" 51% Whole Grain Rolled Edge Turkey Pepperoni Pizza, frozen calories · Pork, cured, ham, regular (approximately 13% fat), canned, unheated calories · Beef, round, eye of round, roast, separable lean only, trimmed to 1/8" fat, choice, raw calories ·
Metabolites: 3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-({2-hydroxy-4-methyl-10-oxo-5H,10H-benzo[g]quinolin-5-yl}oxy)oxane-2-carboxylic acid · PS(20:3(5Z,8Z,11Z)/20:4(5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z)) ·