Compound information: 22-Isopimpifolidine · Dihydrofuran I · 1-Pentanesulfenothioic acid · Kaempferol 3-[4''-(p-coumaroylglucosyl)rhamnoside] · 3'-Hydroxystanozolol ·
Calories database: Beverages, chocolate almond milk, unsweetened, shelf-stable, fortified with vitamin D2 and E calories · Puddings, tapioca, dry mix, prepared with 2% milk calories · Turkey, all classes, meat and skin and giblets and neck, cooked, roasted calories · PREGO Pasta, Italian Sausage and Garlic Italian Sauce, ready-to-serve calories ·
Metabolites: CL(10:0/i-17:0/i-17:0/i-19:0) · CL(13:0/a-15:0/i-18:0/21:0) ·