Compound information: 2,3-Diethyl-5-methylpyrazine · b-D-Glucopyranuronosyl-(1->3)-a-D-galactopyranuronosyl-(1->2)-a-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1->4)-[b-D-glucopyranuronosyl-(1->3)]-a-D-galactopyranuronosyl-(1->2)-L-rhamnopyranose · 5-Tricosenylresorcinol · 24-Acetyl- 25-cinnamoylvulgaroside · Ethyl (ethylthio)methyl disulfide ·
Calories database: Lamb, New Zealand, imported, tenderloin, separable lean only, cooked, fast fried calories · CRACKER BARREL, macaroni n' cheese plate, from kid's menu calories · Peppers, chili, green, canned calories · Lamb, domestic, composite of trimmed retail cuts, separable lean only, trimmed to 1/4" fat, choice, cooked calories ·
Metabolites: TG(18:1(11Z)/18:3(6Z,9Z,12Z)/20:3n6) · p-Cresol glucuronide ·