Compound information: ent-Gallocatechin 3-gallate · Cyclocurcumin · Benzyl acetoacetate · 3,3',4',7-Tetrahydroxyflavan · Carnosic acid ·
Calories database: Infant formula, MEAD JOHNSON, ENFAMIL, LACTOFREE, with iron, liquid concentrate, not reconstituted calories · Fast foods, vanilla, light, soft-serve ice cream, with cone calories · MORNINGSTAR FARMS Grillers Original, frozen, unprepared calories · Seeds, sunflower seed flour, partially defatted calories ·
Metabolites: 2-formamido-N(1)-(5-O-phosphonato-D-ribosyl)acetamidine · CL(10:0/15:0/i-19:0/24:0) ·