Compound information: Citbismine B · Saponin G · ent-kaur-16-en-19-oate · 3,5,7-Octatriyn-1-ol · Dihydrozeatin-O-glucoside ·
Calories database: Beef, chuck, shoulder clod, top blade, steak, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, choice, cooked, grilled calories · Pork, fresh, variety meats and by-products, ears, frozen, cooked, simmered calories · Tomato and vegetable juice, low sodium calories · Barley, pearled, raw calories ·
Metabolites: 3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-[(2-hydroxy-10-{5-hydroxy-6,8-dimethoxy-2-methyl-4-oxo-4H-benzo[g]chromen-7-yl}-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6,8-dimethoxy-4-oxo-2H,3H,4H-naphtho[2,3-b]pyran-5-yl)oxy]oxane-2-carboxylic acid · TG(18:1(11Z)/14:1(9Z)/20:5(5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z,17Z)) ·