Compound information: Palmidrol · (±)-Aegeline · 2-Propenyl 1-(1-propenylsulfinyl)propyl disulfide · pheophytin b · 4-Methyl-1,2-benzenediol ·
Calories database: Pork, fresh, loin, country-style ribs, separable lean only, cooked, braised calories · BURGER KING, Hash Brown Rounds calories · Soup, LIPTON, KETTLE CREATIONS HOMESTYLE LENTIL, Mix, Dry calories · Cereals, CREAM OF WHEAT, instant, prepared with water, without salt calories ·
Metabolites: 5-hydroxy-2-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-3,6,7-trimethoxy-4H-chromen-4-one · CL(i-12:0/i-13:0/14:0/18:0) ·