Compound information: Ceanothine D · Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate · 5,7-Dihydroxy-4'-methoxy-8-methylflavanone · 6beta-Hydroxy-3-oxo-12-oleanen-28-oic acid · Cohibin B ·
Calories database: Turkey, dark meat from whole, meat and skin, cooked, roasted calories · Cereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Enriched Wheat Bran flakes calories · Lamb, domestic, shoulder, whole (arm and blade), separable lean only, trimmed to 1/4" fat, choice, cooked, braised calories · Cereals ready-to-eat, POST GREAT GRAINS Cranberry Almond Crunch calories ·
Metabolites: PA(8:0/i-15:0) · CL(i-12:0/a-17:0/18:2(9Z,11Z)/a-13:0)[rac] ·