Compound information: Heliannuol A · Ganoderenic acid C · 4,5-Dihydro-5-methyl-3-thiophenethiol · Butanoic acid · Prunetin ·
Calories database: Pork, cured, ham with natural juices, spiral slice, meat only, boneless, separable lean only, heated, roasted calories · Nuts, chestnuts, japanese, dried calories · Chicken breast, oven-roasted, fat-free, sliced calories · Broadbeans (fava beans), mature seeds, cooked, boiled, with salt calories ·
Metabolites: CL(i-14:0/i-17:0/i-16:0/i-15:0) · (2R,15R)-14-(5,6-dihydroxy-6-methylheptan-2-yl)-8,9,16-trihydroxy-2,15-dimethyltetracyclo[²,⁷.0¹¹,¹⁵]heptadecan-5-one ·