Compound information: Ethyl 2-hydroxy-3-(3-indolyl)propanoate glucoside · Glycitein · Physalolactone B · Reticulatain 2 · Dimethyl ent-16a-kauran-17,19-dioate ·
Calories database: Pork, fresh, loin, sirloin (chops or roasts), boneless, separable lean only, raw calories · Beef, round, knuckle, tip side, steak, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 0" fat, all grades, raw calories · Margarine-like spread, SMART BEAT Super Light without saturated fat calories · Game meat, bison, separable lean only, raw calories ·
Metabolites: CL(18:2(9Z,12Z)/16:1(9Z)/16:1(9Z)/16:1(9Z)) · CL(a-15:0/22:0/i-22:0/24:0) ·