Compound information: [8]-Paradyl acetate · 1-(3-methoxy-4-hydroxy)-phenyl-6,7-dihydroxy-isochroman · 3-Methyl-1,2,4-trithiane · Faurinone · Deoxyribose 5-phosphate ·
Calories database: School Lunch, pizza, cheese topping, thick crust, whole grain, frozen, cooked calories · Snacks, crisped rice bar, chocolate chip calories · Beef, rib eye steak/roast, bone-in, lip-on, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 1/8" fat, all grades, raw calories · Seeds, cottonseed meal, partially defatted (glandless) calories ·
Metabolites: [(15S)-5,8,13,14-tetrahydroxy-15-methyltetracyclo[²,⁷.0¹¹,¹⁵]heptadeca-2(7),3,5-trien-9-yl]oxidanesulfonic acid · 3)-rhamnoside]&id=38032'>Hyperin 6''-[glucosyl-(1->3)-rhamnoside] ·