Compound information: isopentenyl adenosine · Theasaponin E7 · Halocins · Lactylated fatty acid esters of glycerol and propylene glycol · Methional diethyl acetal ·
Calories database: CAMPBELL'S, Cream of Chicken Soup, condensed calories · Corn, sweet, white, canned, vacuum pack, no salt added calories · KEEBLER, 100 Calorie RIGHT BITES, CHIPS DELUXE, Chocolate Chip Cookies calories · Sauce, cocktail, ready-to-serve calories ·
Metabolites: CL(12:0/i-20:0/a-21:0/i-24:0) · 6-{4-[(E)-2-{3,5-dihydroxy-4-[(1E)-3-methylbut-1-en-1-yl]phenyl}ethenyl]-2,5-dihydroxyphenoxy}-3,4,5-trihydroxyoxane-2-carboxylic acid ·