Compound information: 5-(12,15-Heneicosadienyl)-1,3-benzenediol · 7-deoxy-6-epi-Castanospermine · L-Monomenthyl glutarate · Curcumin dimer 1 · (S)-Neolitsine ·
Calories database: Tomato products, canned, paste, with salt added calories · Cereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, QUAKER COCOA BLASTS calories · KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Ice Cream Shoppe Frosted Ice Creme Sandwich Toaster Pastries calories · Sauce, enchilada, red, mild, ready to serve calories ·
Metabolites: Acetyl-CoA · 6-[3,4-dihydroxy-5-methoxy-2-(3-phenylpropanoyl)phenoxy]-3,4,5-trihydroxyoxane-2-carboxylic acid ·