Compound information: Gibberellin A95 · 4-Hydroxy-6-nonadecanone · Butane · 7-Hydroxy-5-methoxyflavan · Isodigeranyl ·
Calories database: SPAGHETTIOS, SpaghettiOs A to Z's with Meatballs calories · Beef, rib, large end (ribs 6-9), separable lean and fat, trimmed to 1/8" fat, all grades, raw calories · Rolls, hard (includes kaiser) calories · Fast foods, submarine sandwich, ham on white bread with lettuce and tomato calories ·
Metabolites: 2-[(2S)-2-hydroxy-6-[(5E)-14-hydroxy-2,13-dimethoxy-21-[(3-methoxy-4-oxocyclohexyl)methyl]-3,9,15,17-tetramethyl-11-methylidene-12,18-dioxo-20-[(E)-piperidine-2-carbonyloxy]docosa-3,5,7,15-tetraen-1-yl]-3-methyloxan-2-yl]-2-oxoacetic acid · Phytonadiol ·