Compound information: N-(2R-Hydroxydocosanoyl)-2S-amino-1,3S,4R-octadecanetriol · 1-(2-Thienyl)-1,2-propanedione · PAS I · 1,2-Diaminopropane · 3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenyl acetate ·
Calories database: Beef, chuck, mock tender steak, boneless, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, choice, raw calories · Soup, beef and vegetables, canned, ready-to-serve calories · MORNINGSTAR FARMS Roasted Herb Chik'n made with Organic Soy, frozen, unprepared calories · Lamb, domestic, rib, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 1/4" fat, choice, raw calories ·
Metabolites: CL(i-14:0/18:2(9Z,11Z)/i-20:0/i-21:0) · CL(13:0/a-13:0/i-13:0/17:0) ·