Compound information: beta-D-Xylopyranosyl-(1->5)-alpha-L-arabinofuranosyl-(1->5)-L-arabinose · Leukotriene B4 · 1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate · cis-3-Hexenyl trans-4-hexenoate · Gibberellin A44 ·
Calories database: Fish, herring eggs, Pacific, dry (Alaska Native) calories · Pork, cured, ham and water product, rump, bone-in, separable lean only, unheated calories · Toaster Pastries, fruit, frosted (include apples, blueberry, cherry, strawberry) calories · Lamb, New Zealand, imported, frozen, rib, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 1/8" fat, cooked, roasted calories ·
Metabolites: {14-[(3Z)-5,6-dimethylhept-3-en-2-yl]-17-hydroxy-2,15-dimethyltetracyclo[²,⁷.0¹¹,¹⁵]heptadeca-1(10),7-dien-5-yl}oxidanesulfonic acid · TG(16:0/22:1(13Z)/18:3(9Z,12Z,15Z)) ·