Compound information: Pyrocoll · Muconin · Foeniculoside XI · Echinocystic acid · 4-Methoxy-2-methyl-2-butanethiol ·
Calories database: Bread, rice bran, toasted calories · Beef, plate steak, boneless, outside skirt, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 0" fat, all grades, cooked, grilled calories · Margarine, regular, 80% fat, composite, tub, with salt calories · KELLOGG'S, EGGO, Mini Muffin Tops, Chocolate Chip calories ·
Metabolites: PA(22:5(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z)/22:5(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z)) · Muricin A ·